Callum bear stay with Zerdesht

Callum bear stayed at Zerdesht house and they had a fab time! They enjoyed doing puzzles together.

Thank you for looking after Callum bear. He had a great time! 


James goes to bed by himself

Good Evening Miss Houghton,
James, his daddy and I would like to say a big thank you for the workshops, especially the bedtime one. It’s took us a few weeks but I think were on about night 7 of James going to bed by himself without mummy or daddy being in the room. We’re still upstairs pottering about (or in a relaxing bath in my case haha) but this is major progress and we wanted to share it. Thank you again for the support from school.

Natalie, Martin and James đŸ™‚ x

What a lovely email to receive, well done mummy, daddy and James you should be really proud! We are so glad that you enjoyed the workshops and that you got some helpful tips regarding bedtime. 

Flower shop

This week we have been playing in he flower shop. We pretended to take photos over the phone and wrote on flower shop order forms. We took on the role of a customer and the role of a shopkeeper. We used the till to input numbers and used money language. 

Charlotte loves phonics

Charlotte is loving doing phonics activities since her mum and dad came to our nursery phonics workshop yesterday. She has been practising her segmenting which is very tricky to do! Well done Charlotte!