Anna bear and Paightyn continued

Monday Anna bear and paightyn went shopping with mummy and then to play at her friends house where they had lots of fun having a tea party, making pretend ice creams, dressing up and pretending to be robots! After they went out for tea with paightyns daddy as a treat for being so good!

On Tuesday Anna bear went to nursery with paightyn and her mummy, paightyns mummy looks after the babies while paightyn and Anna bear went to play in preschool. They had lots of fun playing with all paightyns friends, doing lots of drawings and reading lots of stories! Their favourite was zog and the flying doctors.

Paightyn and Anna bear have had lots of fun this weekend and can’t wait to come to school on Wednesday and tell everyone about it! 


Anna bear stays with Paightyn

Paightyn was very excited to bring Anna bear home on Friday! After school paightyn and Anna bear went to stay at nannans house where they had lots of fun playing with paightyns cousin arllie, then they had a bath, brushed their teeth and watched a film in nannans bed.
On Saturday Anna bear came to dance class with paightyn where they had lots of fun showing off their moves, then they went to the play center with paightyns friend elena where they had lots of fun.
On Sunday Anna bear came shopping with paightyn, her sister Harriett and mummy, they had lots of fun looking at all the toys and having dinner at Frankie and bennies, Anna bear even had a taste of some cheeky lemonade! 

Anna bear and paightyn have had lots of fun over the weekend and can’t wait to show everyone what they will be getting up next week before school! 

Callum bear stays with Elliot

On Friday Elliot and Callum bear had a sleepover at Nannies house. They had pasta and pizza for tea. Later they watched a film and had popcorn. 

On Saturday they went for a walk round Dam Flask with friends and their doggies, then went for some tea. 

On Sunday they played hide and seek and then went to Diddikicks.

On Monday they went swimming but Callum bear couldn’t get wet so he stayed in the locker.

Billy bear stay with Lottie 

Lottie was very excited to bring Billy home on Wednesday. That night she made him some tea and cleaned his teeth before bed.The next day Billy went to the aeroplane museum and tried on some goggles. He also had snack and read a book.

On Friday Billy went to stay at Lottie’s Nanny’s house. They walked the dog and went to the park and went to Sainsbury’s.

On Saturday Billy went to visit Lottie’s Uncle Alan’s house and meet Lottie’s new baby cousin. They had a burger for lunch.

On Sunday Billy went swimming with Lottie and then to Meadow Farm for some dinner. 

It was lots of fun looking after Billy Bear. 

Antarctic and penguins

This week we have been learning all about penguins. We found it some interesting facts about penguins on the Internet. We had a special delivery arrive in a box. When we opened it it was pip the penguin who had got lost trying to visit his friend the polar bear. We wrapped him in a blanket to keep warm as he was frozen. We also used sugar cubes to build with and had a snowy scene set up with penguins for our small world.

Paightyn’s bonfire fun

Paightyn has lots of fun with auntie noo noo, her little sister Harriett and her cousin Arllie watching lots of fire works and being very safe using sparklers, wearing her gloves, keeping it at arms length and using a carrot to help make it easier grip!