Christmas Fun.

We have had lots of fun doing Christmas activities in nursery this week. Playing games and jigsaws, Christmas colouring, cutting carrots up, printing with paints and reading Christmas story books. The children have enjoyed decorating our Christmas trees as well.

Our mischievous gnome

This week in nursery we have got a little visitor who has come all the way from the North Pole. Meet our mischievous gnome! The children read a book about his antics and he has been up to no good in our nursery! He has already put pants on our Xmas tree and hung toilet paper across the room! The end of the week children haven’t seen this yet but will be in for a surprise!

Ice making and Christmas crafts at Mattieu’s

Mattieu enjoyed exploring what happened when he put water in the freezer, he was impressed to discover it had turned to ice!! What great investigating Mattieu!

There were also lots of Christmas activities happening for Mattieu and Riley at the weekend at Mattieu’s house and lots of fun being had! How exciting boys, I love your decorations!

🎶 It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas, everywhere we go 🎶……and in nursery! This week we are hosting not 1, but 2 Christmas craft workshops! Here are some lovely pictures from our first workshop, it was so much fun!

Elyas writing

Elyas spent some time during the weekend doing some line control practice, and (trying to) practice his tripod grip technique. The wiggly and the zigzag lines were a challenge but we had so much fun! Well done Elyas, I am super impressed!