Key Dates

Wednesday 6th October- Once upon a time workshop at 9am and 12pm. Come and join us to make creative objects.

Wednesday 13th October- Once upon a time Big Finish at 9am and 12pm. Come and watch us perform songs we have been learning. Children can come to nursery dressed in superhero and fairy tale outfits.

Wednesday 20th October- Nursery spooky day. Children can come dressed in spooky costumes.

The Colour Monster. 

This week in nursery we have been reading the book The Colour Monster. The children have been talking about the different colours and the emotions that relate to them. They have enjoyed sorting different coloured objects into the correct Colour Monster bag.

Once upon a time big finish

Today we did our big finish for our grown ups. We sang ‘there was a princess long ago’, ‘when Goldilocks went to the house of the bears’ and performed a superhero song ‘Superhero unite’. We were absolutely amazing at our first big finish and made all our grown ups so proud! We hope you enjoyed watching us, thank you for coming!

Fairy tale and superhero day!

Today was a SUPER day today in nursery! The children have enjoyed dressing up as their favourite superhero or fairytale characters! We’ve had lots of lovely costumes and the teachers even dressed up! It’s been an amazing day! We love a good dress up day! X

Welcome back parents and carers!

After a long wait, we have finally been able to open our doors to parents and carers and invite them to join our Fairytail themed arts and crafts workshop. We have had a great time colouring in magical characters and making crowns, wands, shields and mirrors!

More Gingerbread Men.

The children have really enjoyed The Gingerbread Man story this week. They have renjoyed made their own gingerbread men with the playdough, using buttons, wool and white beans to decorate them.

Both nursery groups enjoyed the parachute for golden time onThursday, we sang the wheels on the bus, waved to our friends under the parachute and then we wrapped each other up. It was great fun.

The gingerbread man 

This week in nursery we have been looking at the story ‘The gingerbread man’. The children have really enjoyed printing the gingerbread man with gingerbread man cutters and brown paint. They have been telling us all about the gingerbread man and the phrases he says in the story! Well done super stars