Dinosaur Fun

The children have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs, they’ve had lots of fun feeding them cereals and then stomping the dinosaurs to crush them. They’ve wrote facts about what they know and making fossils in the playdough with small dinosaurs. A few children have even dressed up as a dinosaur.

Making a dinosaur and a background!

In nursery this week we have been making a dinosaur background with the paint and Miss Howsons conifers! The children have really enjoyed looking at how the patterns look on the paper and how nice it was to use something else rather than a brush!

We have also been making dinosaur pictures with different resources such as pasta and cotton buds. The children have really enjoyed getting their hands all in the glitter and naming parts of the dinosaurs as they make their lovely pictures.

Dinosaurs and Volcanoes

We have been using different 2D shapes to make dinosaurs and other objects. We tried to remember all the names of the shapes.

We also did an experiment with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring to make a volcano!! It was really cool watching the lava flow.

Snowy days

Wow how exciting was the snow! We have had a lovely time at nursery playing in it. We went sledging, dug it up, made tracks in it and even made snow angels. It was so much fun! Some of the nursery children who were at home for the end of the week made snowmen, how super are they! 

A Jurassic jail and a T-Rex Tea Party!

This week the children have worked together to build a huge jail for our dinosaurs and woolly mammoth in the construction area. We invited the dinosaurs for tea and also had a little think as to what we could take with us on a dinosaur hunt. We really enjoyed making lists of the clever things we thought of to take.

Dinosaur Dig

The children have really enjoyed excavating in the sand for dinosaur bones. They have worn scientist coats and used the brushes very carefully to see what they could discover. We have then looked in books to find more information on dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur eggs and back to P.E 

Our nursery children are really settling back into nursery after having a big break! They have come back very positive and ready to learn all about dinosaurs! The children have been enjoying looking at some dinosaur eggs that have been brought to nursery. They have little dinosaurs inside! The children have enjoyed feeling how cold they were and waiting for the dinosaurs to come out. 

We have also been doing our P.E lessons again yay! We have really enjoyed moving around in different ways to music and practicing our balances. We finished off with walking through the jungle yoga and miss Houghton even did three roly polys! How about that for a first week back!  

Merry Christmas

Well it’s been a strange term but we have had such a wonderful time with our lovely nursery children who have made everyday so special and fun! Thank you for all our gifts, we really appreciate your generosity and kindness!

Merry Christmas to all our lovely families, we hope you have a lovely time together and can’t wait to see you all in January for more fun times!

Amina wanted to wish all her friends Merry Christmas, so here she is!