Arctic week 

In nursery this week it has been cold and chilly. The f1s were wrapped up warm when exploring  the Arctic . They had to describe ice cubes, looking at how ice is made and the changes , they also had to describe what caused them to change. We had an arctic scene, including igloos, polar bears,Arctic animals and Inuits / Eskimos. Sugar cubes to build else’s ice palace, they’ve created their own snowy pictures on the workshop table using  cotton wool, silver  glitter and paint.  


Anna bear visits Mason’s house

This weekend Anna bear went to Mason’s house. Mason was very excited for Anna bear to be staying at his house. 

Friday night they played on a phonics game on his iPad. 

On Saturday they all went to watch Mason’s brothers play football. Anna bears legs got tired so Mason gave her a piggyback ride. They had a special treat of fish and chips for tea and played snakes and ladders before bed. 

On Sunday they went to feed the ducks at Weston Park, then went to the museum. Anna bear was a little bit scared of the big polar bear, so Mason gave her a cuddle. On Monday Mason went to the hairdressers. He was a bit scared, so Anna bear held his hand. He was very brave! 

Thanks for the photos and for taking care of Anna bear. What a busy weekend she has had it looks like lots of fun! 

Jessica Bear visits Ava

This weekend Jessica bear went to stay with Ava. On Friday after school Ava showed Jessica around her house and played with her toys. Jessica really enjoyed Ava’s bike. They had a lovely tea and a nice sleep in Ava’s bed. 

On Saturday they went to the park on their scooters and to play basketball. They also went to Asda and Jessica sat in the trolley with Ava. 

On Sunday they stayed in and played lots of games. Ava showed Jessica her dolls. They had a yummy roast dinner and ate lots. Jessica really enjoyed playing with Ava’s brothers Alfie and Henry. 

On Monday Ava’s cousin came to play. Monday night they had their last story before it was time to go back to nursery on Tuesday. 

What a lovely time they have had! Thank you for the fab photos and taking care of Jessica bear. 

A parcel from the Arctic

A mysterious parcel from the Arctic arrived in Nursery on Monday. We passed it round the circle and tried to guess what might be in the box. When we opened it we got quite a surprise ! Inside was a teddy bear and it was frozen solid ! We passed the bear round the circle and described what it felt like then we discussed how we could warm him up. The children came up with some great ideas e.g. wrap him in a blanket or towel, give him a bath,shower or hot water bottle, make him a up of tea or hot chocolate.



Billy Bear

this week Billy Bear has been to Madison’s house. 

He met her sister Darcie who loved him! 

Met her cousin Kyle and shared dinner.

Played post office and doctors (Billy was a brave patient)

He enjoyed his first ride.

On Thursday they played with Madison’s happyland. Went to the park and baked cookies. 

On Friday they had a PJ day, lots of snuggles and played with play doh. 

On Saturday they went to a play centre with Caleb and Kyle. Billy met their teddies donkey and sonic. It was so much fun! 

Now Billy is on his way back to Watercliffe Meadow. 

What a lovely time Billy has had! Thanks for the photos. 

Anna Bear

This weekend Anna bear went home with Ava. She has been super busy!

On Saturday they went to dance class, to the park and visited the Sheffield United ground (although Ava’s daddy wasn’t happy about that!)

On Sunday they went to her cousins house and played in the snow, although Anna stayed in with a cup of tea!

On Monday they went to monkey bizness with her friend Archie and played with her toys at home. 


On Tuesday they went to Graves park and had their pre-school booster jabs. Thanks for the photos they are lovely! 

What a great time our bears are having! We can’t wait to see what they get up to this weekend! 

Jessica Bear

This weekend Jessica bear went home to Cole’s house. She had lots of fun! 

Jessica bear met Cole’s sisters. 

She enjoyed a ride in his car! 

Ate Cheerios

They enjoyed playing together.

And snuggled up to sleep! What a lovely time our nursery bears are having. Thanks for the photos. 

Billy Bear

This week we started our home school bears. Jack has taken Billy bear home this week and they have been having a lovely time together. 

Billy met Jack’s dog.

Jack showed Billy around his home, they played on the play station and he met Jack’s other soft toys. 

They have eaten ham and cucumber sandwiches and even had a special treat of a takeaway pizza and chips! 

Billy and Jack went for a haircut.

Billy joined Jack and had his first ever swimming lesson! 

Then had some KFC! 

They had a bath and then snuggled up in bed. 

It looks like Billy is having a fantastic time at Jack’s house. Thanks for all the photos. We can’t wait to see what our other nursery bears Anna and Jessica have been getting up to. 

Walking through the jungle

The f1s have been busy once again with stories for talking, listening and joining in with the story, then doing the activities afterwards. In the provision the f1s have enjoyed creating their own jungle maps, painting their jungle animal, sorting out the correct size jungle animals to the correct size boxes, role playing in the jungle and making up their own stories on the small world scene. Wow how busy our f1s have been earning their learning stickers.