Billy bear visits Arthur

Billy bear went home with Arthur last week. He enjoyed playing cars with Arthur and his sister Zoe. Arthur’s mummy read Billy a bed time story about a bear who was ill. 

They went to the fair at Clifton Park in Rotherham. Billy had fun going on the rides with Arthur they went on the trampoline, the big bouncy slide, a boat ride, the bumper cars and the dinosaur train. 

They went to soft play and played on the slides. Billy had a slushie, water and chips and sauce. What a lovely time he had! Thanks for the photos. 


Cutting vegetables

This week we have been cutting vegetables. Children have used the knifes really well to cut the vegetables up. Children cut sprouts, potatoes, carrots, leeks, celery and peppers. We even made our own vegetabable soup and ate it for snack.


Anna Bear goes to Layen’s house

Anna came to our house on Monday morning when we picked her up from Nursery. We went for breakfast and did some colouring. It was my brother’s birthday so we had a tea party with our cousins and ate cake and sweeties. We had a great time.

On Tuesday we played with my brother’s new toys while he was at school ! We had bedtime stories and Anna sat my shelf and watched me do good sleeping in my own bed.  


Billy bear visits Grace and Isabelle

This weekend Billy bear went to Grace and Isabelle’s house to stay. They were really excited to take him home. They enjoyed yummy sandwiches and crisps for dinner. They showed Billy around the house and introduced him to their Daddy and brother Archie. They all played with the tea set together. 

They also took Billy bear to Nannans house and went on the slide together. 

They went shopping to Tesco and helped to put the shopping in the trolley. Billy enjoyed riding in the trolley.

They played princesses and Billy enjoyed joining in twirling and dancing around. Later on they got into their pyjamas and snuggled on the sofa to watch movies with some popcorn. 

On Sunday they had a scrum my Sunday dinner cooked by Daddy then had a hot bubble bath ready for nursery on Monday.

Grace and Isabelle had a great time with BIlly bear. 

Maths mastery

This week in Nursery we have been focusing on maths activities and learning about the equals sign. We had to be number detectives and find a number of objects so we had the same as the adults, we worked in pairs and talked about how many unifix cubes we would need to be equal to each other.



Some of the f1s have been engaging in imaginative role play in our flower shop, taking it in turns to be the shop keeper and customers. On the painting table , the f1s have carried out observational paintings of flowers, using flower cutters for printing, and on the creative table they used different materials to form a flower collage. 



Nursery bears

For half term week our nursery bears have been home with Mrs Fenton and Miss Houghton. 

Anna has been helping Mrs Fenton learn her script for her dancing show and been to teach dancing classes with her. 

Billy and Jessica met Miss Houghton’s nephew and niece, they enjoyed drawing in the book together, had a takeaway and a bath.  

They also met her best friend Laura and enjoyed a pyjama night watching Cinderella. 

And all the bears got together for food and drinks with Mrs Fenton, Miss Houghton and Miss Howson. They enjoyed some yummy food at Frankie and Benny’s but forgot their money so the teachers had to pay! 


Weston Park Museum

This week we have been on two visits to Weston Park Museum. We had to travel on 2 buses to get there! In the museum we enjoyed looking at the exhibitions particularly the Arctic area as we have been learning about the Arctic. We had our dinner there and before we left we went to feed the ducks on the pond. We had a lovely time. We were so proud of how the children coped with the change in routine, they were fantastic! Here are some of the photos. 


More bear adventures 

Last weekend our home school bears went to visit some more nursery children in their homes. 
Billy bear went to Cole’s house. Cole couldn’t wait to take Billy bear home. They had some dinner and watched Toy Story. 

On Thursday they went to the shops. It was very windy! On Friday they took Cole’s big brother to school then watched a film. 

On Saturday they visited Cole’s nan and grandad. Billy bear enjoyed the car journey. They then went to a friends house and had a takeaway and played with toys.  On Sunday they played on the Xbox and drew some pictures. 

Cole loved having Billy bear to stay.
Jessica bear went to Scarlett’s house. On Friday they went to the car sales to pick up their new car, she really enjoyed the car ride home. Then they went all the way to Tinsley to pick up Scarlett’s daddy up from work. Jessica bear had her teeth brushed and then went to sleep in Scarlett’s bed.

On Saturday they went shopping to Tesco Jessica bear sat in the trolley with Scarlett.

On Sunday they went to Ridgeway Arms for some yummy tea. Jessica bear shared Scarlett’s meal and ice cream. On Monday night they had a bedtime story and cuddled up for a good nights sleep ready for the visit to Weston Park museum on Tuesday. 
Anna bear went to Amber’s house. They played on the tablet watching videos and playing games. Later they played buckaroo and operation board games. 

On Saturday they visited uncle Nick, Auntie Nicola, Molly and Grace. They enjoyed playing with Lego. On the way home they went to Amber’s grandads house. 

On Sunday they went to the pictures with Destiny and watched the good dinosaur. After they went to McDonalds for dinner. On the way home they stopped off at her nanna and grandads. While they were there they did some colouring. 

On Monday they watched Disney films as Amber wasn’t feeling very well so she cuddled Anna to make her feel better. 

On Tuesday they went to Aunty Michelle’s house with Kaydi and Larayah. They played jenga and connect 4. 

Amber loved having Anna bear to stay they had so much fun!
Our bears have had a lovely half term visiting houses. Over half term they will be going to Miss Houghton and Mrs Fentons houses to stay.