Flower printing and flower smelling ice

This week in nursery we have been using flower heads for printing. We used lovely bright colours and have displayed some on the walls in nursery. We also explored looking at ice with flowers frozen into them and they smelt lovely. Children felt the ice and talked about how it smelt while it was melting.


Jessica bear visits Sania

At the weekend Jessica bear visited Sania. 

On Friday she helped to prepare dinner and then she did the washing and played with the bubbles. Jessica and Sania enjoyed watching the fishes in her fish tank. 

On Saturday Sania and Jessica helped to make breakfast, Jessica really enjoyed toast and strawberry jam. In the evening they went to her Grandma’s house and played with toys. 

On Sunday they went shopping to Meadowhall but Jessica didn’t like it because it was busy and hot! After that they went to Pizza Hut and got some balloons. 

Thank you for looking after Jessica bear, she had a fab time! 

Anna bear visits Phoebe-Jo’s house

At the weekend Anna bear visited Phoebe-Jo’s house. 

On Friday they went to Meadow Farm for tea, then went to see her friend Archie. 

On Saturday they went to the fair and then to McDonalds for dinner. That night they had a sleepover at Nannans house with her cousin Chloe. They had their nails painted. 

On Sunday they went to Nando’s for dinner. It was yummy! Then they went home and watched regrets movie and shared a hot chocolate. 

On Monday they went to the shop to buy treats. Then played and watched movies. 

On Tuesday they went shopping to Tesco and sat in the trolley. 

Thank you for taking care of Anna bear Phoebe-Jo, what a lovely time you had! 

Billy bear visits Malak’s house

This weekend Billy bear visited Malak’s house and had a fab time!

Malak was very excited to have Billy bear to stay, she showed him around the house and they had omelette for lunch which Billy bear loved. 

Later on Nardeen and Dana, Malak’s sisters came back from school and they played on the trampoline. They had cuscus for tea. 

On Thursday they enjoyed a hot shower. 

On Friday they did lots of playing. 

On Saturday they painted pictures and went to Pizza Hut where Billy had a selfie taken with the staff. 

On Sunday they had lots of fun playing and ate special jelly for dessert. Then they snuggled up in bed ready to return to nursery. 

What a lovely time Billy had at Malak’s house! Thanks for looking after him. 

Watercliffe’s Gym

This week in Nursery we have had our very own gym with a rowing machine, excercise bike and body toners. After each turn we talked about how our bodies were feeling and how important it is to keep in shape and eat healthily .  


When Anna bear visited Paige

Last weekend Anna bear went to visit Paige and she had a very busy weekend! 

On Friday they had homemade chicken nuggets for tea then went to see Paige’s Nannan and grandad. 

On Saturday they all went to the seaside. Paige and Anna enjoyed a donkey ride, visited family and went to the amusements. 

On Sunday they went to Hillsborough park and played on the swing and slide. Then they went to Paige’s daddy’s work. 

On Monday and Tuesday they enjoyed playing with Paige’s dolls and on her garden. 

What a lovely time you had! Thank you for looking after Anna bear so well.