Billy bear visits Mackenzie’s house

On Tuesday Billy bear went to visit Mackenzie. They had chicken burger and chips for tea. After tea they had a very wet but fun bath. Then they looked on the laptop to find a special gift for Nannan and Grandad’s 30th wedding anniversary. Billy bear loved looking at the gifts. 


On Wednesday they watched peppa pig and had a mid week roast which sounded yummy! Though there were lots of funny noises around the house after the sprouts were eaten! 

On Thursday Mackenzie wasn’t feeling very well so they snuggled on the settee watching cartoons. Mackenzie’s sister Lily- Rose enjoyed giving Billy bear cuddles. 



Friday it was Mackenzie’s mummy’s birthday. They all watched her open he cards and sang happy birthday to her.  They played on the wii. Billy bear likes playing Super Mario Bros. they enjoyed hot dogs for tea, Mackenzie was covered in ketchup. 
   Saturday Uncle David came to visit and brought lots of sweets. Mackenzie shared his skittles with Billy. 

Sunday they played games and read stories. 

Monday they played Guess Who before Billy went back to school on Tuesday. They loved spending time together playing and having fun! 

Thank you for looking after Billy bear so well Mackenzie! 

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