Nursery Sports Days

After having to cancel our sports days two weeks ago, the weather was kind to us and we finally managed to have them this week. The children were fantastic at all the different events. We had egg and spoon, sack, and hurdle races. We all had a go at the javelin and long jump too.







Teddy bears picnic

This week the nursery children were very excited bringing in their teddies for the teddy bears picnic , parents and grandparents came too. The weather was a bit wet so we had our picnic inside the nursery, everyone enjoyed the food and each other’s company. What a lovely day we had.  


Jessica bear stays with Amelia

At the weekend Jessica bear went to stay with Amelia and she had a great time! 

On Saturday they went to visit Amelia’s Nannan and had hot chocolate and biscuits. Then they went to the Sheffield show. They had a great time playing on the bouncy castle and didn’t even stop when it started to rain, thunder and lightening! 

On Sunday they went to a friends allotment where there was a fun day. They went on rides, bought cake and played in the park. After that they went to visit Amelia’s cousin McKenzie to give him a birthday present. 

Thank you for the lovely photos, it looks like you had a fantastic time! And thanks for Jessica bears new top, it’s gorgeous! 

Jessica bear stays with Eesa

Jessica bear visited Eesa and she had a lovely time! They had fun playing with his toys and eating curry and chapatti. 

On Saturday they went to a fair at Eesa’s big brothers school. They went on rides and Eesa had spiderweb henna done there. 

On Sunday they watched TV and played on the Nintendo. 

Thank you for taking good care of Jessica. 

Our visit to whirlow farm

on Tuesday and Thursday we went on a visit to whirlow farm. We walked around the farm and saw lots of different animals including cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and many more. We went on a bear hunt walking through long grass, walking through water, going through a snowstorm, walking through mud, walking through a forest and we found a bear. We had a fabulous time.




Anna bear visits Ellie

Last weekend Anna bear went to stay with Ellie. They had lots of fun playing together and sharing bedtime stories. On Sunday they had a roast dinner and a sleepover at Grandmas house. They went shopping to Asda to buy chicken and salad for tea. On Tuesday they also went to Meadow Farm for something to eat, Anna and Ellie enjoyed sausage, mash and beans. Then they took their dog and Grandma’s dog for a walk to the park. 

Thank you for taking great care of Anna bear. It looks like she had a lovely time. 

Ice cream parlour

for the past two weeks the f1s have enjoyed playing in the ice cream parlour. They took on a role as an ice cream seller/customer. The children worked the till and used appropriate terms to describe money. 


Anna bear visits Tyler

Last weekend Anna bear went to stay with Tyler and had a lovely time! 

They had chips from the chip shop. Went to Tyler’s Nannans house and got to play with his uncle and cousins Molly, Fabian and Amelia-Rose. They went shopping to Tesco and enjoyed watching films together. They ate KFC and did lots of playing with Tyler’s toys, Anna bear liked Tyler’s cars! 


Thank you for the photos and taking good care of Anna! 

Billy bear visits Tyler

Billy bear visited Tyler’s house this weekend. They had a lovely time playing in the sunshine. Tyler played in his pool while Billy sunbathed. He drove Tyler’s cars and played on the slide. They had lots of ice lollies. 

They had lots of snuggles in bed and even went to the park. They watched funny videos on his tablet. 

They had a lovely weekend together! Thank you for the photos. 

Sports for champions

On Thursday we had some people from sports for champions in to do a sponsored fitness event. All the children took part and did some exercise like running on the spot, star jumps and hopping on one leg.