“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”

As part of our end of year celebrations, we had a Nursery seaside day on Wednesday. The children were allowed to come to school in their shorts and t shirts and bring a swimming costume and towel so that they could go in the paddling pools! It wasn’t warm enough to have the pools outside but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderfully wet time ! And of course it wouldn’t have been a proper seaside day without eating fish and chips , ice cream and candy floss for snack.



Callum bear stays at Tyler’s house

Last weekend Callum bear stayed at Tyler’s house and they had a great time together. They had McDonalds for tea, met Tyler’s cousin and Aunty, went shopping for toys and had a sleepover at Nannans. 

Thank you for looking after Callum! And thanks for the photo. 

Beach inside nursery

In nursery this week we have had a beach area set up with deck chairs and buckets and spades. Some children took their socks and shoes off and had lots of fun in the sand. 


Anna bear stays with Destiny and Ebony

Last weekend Anna bear went to stay with Destiny and Ebony. They had a bike ride home on Friday night and then played in the garden. 

On Saturday they went to town shopping on the bus. Then had McDonalds for dinner. 

On Sunday they played snakes and ladders and dressed up. 

What a lovely time Anna bear had! Thank you for looking after her and sending us photos. 

Jessica bear stays at Daniyal’s house

Last weekend Jessica bear stayed at Daniyal’s house and they had a fab time! 

They played with his trains and Jessica enjoyed riding on the trains. They had pizza for tea. 

They went to visit Daniyal’s Grandma. They also went to McDonalds for food. 

What a great weekend and thanks for the photos. 


Tyler at Sheffield on show

On Saturday the 25th Tyler went to Sheffield on show at Hillsborough Park with his Mummy, Daddy, sister Sophia, Uncle Matthew and Aunty Anne. They ate churros with golden syrup sauce, it was yummy! It rained most of the time and they got a but wet but had a great day! 

Thanks for emailing the photos. We love to see what the children get up to away from nursery!