Sofia’s home learning

Here is Sofia dressed as her favourite princess who she likes because she’s beautiful and likes apples and likes singing to me. Well done for completing your home learning. 



Safia’s home learning

Here is Safia dressed up as her favourite princess Elsa, what a lovely photo! Well done for completing your home learning. 


Kidnapped !

We had quite a drama this week in Nursery ! We received a letter from a mysterious villain saying that Jessica Bear had been kidnapped and we had to follow clues to rescue her . We had to look under the water or sand tray, on a chair, above a bin ,next to the fish tank, behind a wooden brick and in the dressing up box. The last clue sent us outside to find a green box and look inside. Luckily we found Jessica Bear safe and well . Phew !



Freeing the superheroes 

Keeping with the theme of superheroes , this week the f1s had to free the superheroes from locks by counting spots on keys and matching them to numbered locks : they then recorded the numbers they had identified .  


Billy bear stays with Isha

This weekend Billy bear went to stay at Isha’s house. On Wednesday they went to the hairdressers and Billy had his hair done by Isha. 

On Thursday they visited Isha’ nannan and cousin, they had tea and treats. 

On Friday Isha went to a town with her Daddy and Billy. They had chicken dippers and ice cream! 

Saturday they had family game day, Billy enjoyed playing with Isha’s brother Lincoln. 

Sunday they went shopping and visited Isha’s nannan again. 

Billy brushed his teeth every night and morning. 

Thank you for looking after Billy he had great adventures and thanks for the lovely photos. 

Super vegetables

Over the last two weeks we have been enjoying the story Supertato, where a super hero potato saves the day and captures an evil pea who is causing big trouble in the super market! So we decided to make our own super vegetables using a range of different resources. We thought carefully about what we wanted them to look like and our teachers are very impressed with the end results! 


Superhero training

this week we have all been superheroes and have taken part in superhero training!!! We went up onto the trim trail and did climing, swinging snd balancing. 



Anna bear stays with Harlon

Last weekend Harlon took Anna bear home. They went to Rivelin park and had a fantastic time on the slides and swing and also enjoyed an ice cream. 

Thanks for looking after Anna and for the lovely pictures. She had a great time! 


Callum bear visits Joseph

This weekend Callum bear visited Joseph’s house. They had a lovely tea together and Joseph shared with Callum. They went on a bike ride then went to a family gathering to celebrate his great Grandads 86th birthday. Callum loved the chocolate cake and meeting everyone. They watched xfactor and had Pizza Hut. On Sunday morning they went to a car boot sale and then did some gardening. 

What a lovely weekend you had and thanks for the lovely photos and taking care of Callum!