Anna bear stays with Ava

Last weekend Anna bear went to stay with Ava and they had lots of fun! 

On Friday night they baked yummy chocolate brownies. 

On Saturday they went into town and saw the cathedral and a statue of the steel women. They had lunch and a delicious pineapple drink. At night they went to a birthday party and danced. 

On Sunday they went to Ava’s cousins house for breakfast.

On Monday they went to Clifton Park. They played in the water, on the see-saw and had a picnic. After that they went shopping to Morrisons. 

On Tuesday they had a day playing with Ava’s sister Rosa. They loved having Anna to stay. Thanks for looking after her and for the photos. 

Our bears are all going home with Miss Houghton this half term, keep an eye out for what they are up to and if you would like to send any photos of what you get up to in the holidays please feel free to email them and I will post them on the blog. 


Halloween party

Today was our Halloween party we had a lovely time and all the children looked fabulous in their costumes. We went into the hall to do some dancing and play musical bumps then we had some Halloween snack. We had blood sandwiches (jam sandwiches), witches fingers (chocolate fingers) and much more. 

Callum bear visits Isa

This weekend Callum bear went to stay with Isa. 

They had a lovely time playing on the trampoline on Friday as it was a lovely sunny day! 

On Saturday they went to Firth park library and park. They had a very exciting time collecting Autumn treasures. 

On Sunday they enjoyed porridge for breakfast. It was a rainy day so they stayed at home and played with toys. 

They had a lovely weekend together! 

Thank you for looking after Callum bear, he had a great time! 

Billy bear visits Harley

This weekend Billy bear went to stay with Harley and they had a great time! 

On Saturday they played outside on the digger and trampoline and ate breakfast together. 

On Sunday Harley’s nanyang picked them up and took them to Castaway Cove. They had so much fun on the slides and bouncy castle. They went to McDonalds after and had burger and chips. 

Billy enjoyed drawing with Harley and his big sister Summer. He helped him brush his teeth every morning and nighttime and got him ready for bed. 

Thank you for looking after Billy he had a great time! 

Dressing up day 

On Wednesday we had a non uniform day ! We all came to Nursery dressed as a superhero or a character from a fairytale , even the staff ! The children looked fabulous .



Photo disaster 

We are really sad to say that we will be unable to post any photos from Sundown and from our parent workshops this week as the iPad they were on has broken beyond repair. We are absolutely devastated that you will be unable to see how much fun your children had. We want to take the opportunity to say again just how fantastic your children were. 

Today’s visit

We just want to say how proud we are of our fantastic nursery children! They were amazing on our visit today so sensible and well behaved. We have had a lovely day and we will post the photos on here over the next few days as we took rather a lot! Again well done children, only 3 and 4 years old and you coped amazing with the change in routine, you are super stars!