Billy bear stays with Billie

This weekend Billy bear went to stay with Billie and he had a great time!

Billie and Billy watched a film together on Wednesday as it was a cold, snowy day. That night Billie read him a story. 

On Thursday they went to visit Billies friend Kobi and went to a play centre. Billy bear enjoyed going down the slide. 

On Friday they went for a swimming lesson and Billy bear got his feet wet oops! Then they went to dance class. 

On Saturday they went to dance class again. Billy bear is now very good at cartwheels. 

Sunday they went out for dinner. 

Billie loved having Billy bear to visit her house and he told me he had a great time! Thanks for the photos.

Autumn Walk

Our f1s have been walking around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn .  We looked at the trees and the colour of the leaves on the ground. There were orange,brown,gold,red and yellow leaves. We were also looking for  acorns ,  pinecones  and conkers. The f1s collected the different coloured leaves for their Autumn collage. We also talk about the weather changes cold, wet,windy and cloudy. 

Ava writes her name

Ava has been practising writing her name at home and her Mum sent us some photos to post on the blog. Well done Ava! Thanks for sending us the photos. We love seeing what you do at home.