Layla’s home learning

Here is Layla playing with her zoo animals for her selfie home learning, well done Layla what a lovely photo! 


Our penguin visitors return to the South Pole

Last week we finished our topic on cold places and sadly said goodbye to our penguin visitors Pip and Patrick during circle time. At the weekend Miss Houghton took them to the seaside with her nephew Jacob and niece Isabelle to send them back to the South Pole. The Penguins set off safely on their adventure and will be keeping us updated on their journey home. They said they had a wonderful time visiting nursery and hope to visit us again soon. 

Sam safari

On Wednesday we had Sam safari visit nursery. We went into the hall and looked at a tortoise, bearded dragon, blue skink lizard, millipede, stick insects, snake and a tree frog. We were very brave and held and touched the animals. The children had a fabulous time.