Billie’s selfie home learning

Here is Billie with her cat Mog for her animal selfie home learning. Well done Billie! 

Frankie’s animal selfie

Here is Frankie with her Grandads owl who she helped look after, what a fantastic selfie! Well done

An unexpected visitor!

We had a new arrival in Nursery this week , it was a friend for Pip our penguin who came to stay with us a few weeks ago. His name is Patrick and he is a penguin but he looks very different from any other penguins we have ever seen because he is bright pink !! Patrick brought a book with him called ” What’s a penguin to think when he wakes up pink ! ” We really enjoyed the story and had lots of discussions about similarities and differences. 

Building a Home

In nursery we received another task from Pip to build a home for himself and his penguin friends. After discussing the different shaped bricks, the f1s chose the suitable shapes to build the home. They used : long rectangle, short rectangle, triangle and square. 

Anna bear stays with Reuben

Anna bear went to stay with Reuben at the weekend and they had a great time together. 

Anna liked Reuben’s cat Oscar, she played games on the iPad and danced to music. 

They went for a walk in Beely woods. It was very cold so Anna had to wear two jumpers. They saw squirrels scurrying around and climbing trees. They walked in the mud and saw ducks and a heron! 

Thank you for the lovely photos and for looking after Anna bear, she really enjoyed herself! 

Jessica bear stays with Emily

At the weekend Jessica bear went to stay with Emily. 

They got a ride home from nursery in Harry’s mums car then ate a yummy dinner. 

They played dress up together and Harry came to play. They walked to school to collect her big sister Olivia. 

Jessica bear met Emily’s cousin Amelia and they had chicken nuggets and chips. Jessica bear liked to dip her nuggets in ketchup. 

She also enjoyed Sunday dinner at nannan Doobie Doobs, it was delicious! 

They played babies and tidied Emily’s room.

Thank you for the photos and for taking care of Jessica, she really enjoyed herself! 

Callum bear stays with Benjamin

At the weekend Callum bear went to stay with Benjamin. They went to Nanny Carol’s house and met her cousin who had come to visit from London. They got presents and she told Benjamin, His sister Chloe and Callum all about London. She also said they can stay with her at London, how exciting! 

On Sunday the weather was horrible so they stayed inside to play then Nanny and Grandad took them home. 

Thank you for the photo and looking after Callum, he really enjoyed himself. 

Bully bear stays with Curtis

Last weekend Billy bear stayed with Curtis. 

On the first night they snuggled in bed to listen to bedtime stories and say evening prayers. 

They watched tv and played together. Bully also sat with Curtis while he ate his dinner. 

They went shopping for food. They practiced their counting and writing.

Thank you for the photos and for taking good care of Billy bear!