Seaside Collage

In nursery the f1s have been creating their own seaside collage using different materials and resources to represent the sea , sand , sky and shells 


James finds some snails

James has been on holiday and while they were there they visited a Tropiquaria and James found some (sort of) mini beasts with the Giant African Snails. He wanted to send a picture to let us know he was still learning 🙂 Thanks James! 

Parent workshop

This week we had a parent workshop where parents could come and stay for an hour with their child and make different things to do with transport. We made hot air balloons, boats, junk modelling vehicles, passports, aeroplane pictures and painted with vechcle wheels. 

Nu rsery Sports Day

On Wednesday it was our annual sports day .Everyone had a chance to have a go at sprinting, egg and spoon, long jump, hurdles and sack races . The parachute and target games were very popular. As always our children were amazing and tried really hard . A huge thank you to all the grown ups who came to help and support us. You should be very proud of your little ones , we certainly are !


Healthy Eating

This week the f1s have been learning about healthy eating , foods that are good and bad for you , and using gym equipment . We talked about  the affects these have on your body and why it’s important to exercise