Fairytale Parent Workshop

On Wednesday we invited our grown ups to stay in Nursery to do lots of different art activities . They made crowns ,shields,wands, castles, mirrors and Rapunzel’s tower. It was lovely to see everyone working together . A huge thank you to all the grown ups who came to support us.


3 thoughts on “Fairytale Parent Workshop

  1. I was never aware of this on the day I’m very upset that no teacher mentioned it which as teachers should do is remind now if they cant remind parents on the day then its awf as a parent its great to receive the school blog but I feel when there’s an event going on they should be asked the same day when taking there child to school in am heart broken really heart broken like I say teachers should make it aware of the events going off each day regardless of a news letter


    • I’m very sorry you feel this way Deanna. However to remind almost 40 parents individually is quite unmanageable, we put it on the newsletter and also had 2 posters up one on the outside door and one in Shiloh’s cloakroom from the week before.


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