Thomas and his sky selfie 

Thomas couldn’t see much in the sky as it was too cloudy. He said “there are aliens that want to go to the moon, we need to build them a rocket but we can’t”.

Ted’s moon selfie

Ted spotted the moon tonight. He thinks all the Star Wars characters live there especially  the storm troopers. They also talked about aliens, well done!

Annirose grabs the moon

Here is Annirose trying to grab the moon. She says “the moon comes out at night and you get there in a space rocket. It’s a long way away and aliens live on the moon. The moon is made of bread cos it’s a bready colour” well done Annirose! 

Ted and Anna bear

Anna bear went to stay with Ted at the weekend and they had a fab time! 

On Friday night they went to Disney on ice, they saw Mickey Mouse, Minnie, daisy and Donald Duck. There were performances from the lion king, Peter Pan, the little mermaid and frozen. Anna loved Evie and Ted’s popcorn. She also loved the flashing wand and light sabre.

On Saturday they spent time playing and watched a movie. Anna slept on Ted’s top bunk in his bus bed.

On Sunday they played outside and had Sunday dinner at Ted’s nan’s house. 

They went Christmas shopping at Meadowhall on Monday and ate pizza for tea. 

Tuesday they went to Ted’s Nan’s house and had a chocolate ice cream, read books and did jigsaws.

Thank you for looking after Anna, she had a great time! 

Sienna and Jessica bear

Jessica bear went to stay with Sienna at the weekend and they had a great time. They ate lasagne and potato salad for tea Friday and even got to have a treat because they finished all their food, then they snuggled down to watch Christmas films. They even had a yummy hot chocolate! Sienna’s mummy read them a peppa pig story at bedtime. 

On Saturday Star-Bar came to visit and they baked paw patrol buns it was so much fun! 

Jessica watched Sienna have a bath but she didn’t want to get wet so she stayed away from the bath. After the bath they had tea and biscuits and mummy read another story! 

Thanks for looking after Jessica bear she had a great time!