Sam Safari

Today we had a visit from Sam safari. We learnt lots of fun facts about different animals and stroked them. We were very brave. We stroked a snake, stick insect, a tree frog, a chinchilla, hedgehog, leopard gecko, bearded dragon, tortoise and a mouse. 

Marcel painting

Marcel has been enjoying painting at home! 

Jax’s weekend

This weekend Jax helped his brothers collect sticks from the wood for their home learning to make Stone Age weapons. They had fun making spears and bows. Then mixing paints and painting them. Jax wanted to paint a dinosaur picture and he did a great job! 

Well done Ruby

Ruby has eaten sausage, mash and Yorkshire pudding for the first time. She has never liked mash and refused to try it but her parents tried some techniques from the ‘Food for Thought’ workshop and she had a clear plate! She is very proud of herself and so she should be, well done Ruby Miss Houghton is very proud of you too and well done Mum and dad for trying the techniques 😀