Making Chocolate Easter Nest 

The f1s have enjoyed making their chocolate nests for easter. First they broke up shredded wheat and described how it felt , it felt ‘rough / hard ‘. They then broke solid chocolate into pieces and we talked about how we could turn it into a liquid . They suggested we put it in the microwave , we then poured the chocolate over the shredded wheat and gave it a good mix , after we place the mixture into bun cases and put them in the fridge to set . They looked very tasty and delicious . Happy Easter Everyone .

Marcel’s Easter bonnet

Marcel made his Easter bonnet for our parade yesterday, well done it looked fab! 

Billy bear stays with Summer

Billy bear went to stay with Summer and they had a great time!

They went to Graves park to feed the animals with Summer, Sienna, mummy and daddy.

After that they went to meadow farm for something to eat. 

Summer was poorly so couldn’t take billy bear out as much but he did look after her until she felt better and came back to nursery. 

Thank you for looking after Billy, he had a great time! 

Jessica bear stays with Robyn

Jessica bear went to stay with Robyn and she had a great time! 

They went to Nannan and Grandads for tea and had fish fingers with a donut after. They went home with mummy and watched trolls then went to bed. 

They had McDonald’s for a treat and played its Robyn’s toys.

They went to watch Robyn’s big brother Jake play football.

They went shopping with Nannan and grandad, went to the park and took some bread to feed the ducks, they had lots of fun! 

They also went swimming, they went on the slides and on the pirate ship! 

Thank you for looking after Jessica bear she had a great time!