More butterfly house pictures 


Butterfly house visit

Today our oldest nursery children visited the butterfly house and we had a fantastic time! 

We got to look at lots of different animals including meerkats and otters. We also had a minibeast workshop where we got to look at a snail and spider, some of us were really brave and held a Madagascan hissing cockroach and a stick insect. The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed walking around looking at different things and asking questions. We even got the chance to have a little play in the playground. 

What a great day! 

Ruby turns 4

It was Ruby’s birthday during the Easter holidays and she took her friends to the salon for their nails painting and then for a posh tea after, they were very grown up little ladies. Hope you had a great day Ruby, that looks so much fun! 

Easter Big Finish

Our annual Easter bonnet parade ! We joined together with F2 in the morning and Y1 in the afternoon to perform 2 songs and then parade around the hall in our lovely bonnets for our families.