Ted’s birthday

Ted had a surprise visitor to his party yesterday when Spider-Man turned up! Wow how exciting hope you had a fab day! 


The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly 

Over the past few weeks the f1s have been observing and discussing the life cycle of butterflies . We began by watching caterpillars wriggle in their pots , then hang upside down and turn into a chrysalis . We then transferred them from their pots and into a large butterfly net , with pieces of apple and sugar water for food . The f1s watched the cocoons start to split and open to reveal beautiful butterflies . We then went outside and watched them fly away as we released them .

Millie’s growing selfie

After ballet today Millie went to Nanny and Grumpy’s to check on her plants. Her favourite is peppermint chocolate because it smells like mint chocolate. She also found another minibeast, well done! 

Weighing buns

This week we have been making buns on the playdough table and weighing them. We talked about which was heaviest and lightest and why. This was one of our learning sticker activities.

Jessica bear stays with Ava

Jessica bear went to stay with Ava and they had a great time! 

On Friday after nursery they visited grandma and grandad. They played in the garden then had Ava’s favourite for tea, chicken nuggets and chips. When Ava’s mummy finished work they went home and watched paw patrol. They were both tired after a busy day so brushed their teeth, put their pj’s on and went to bed. 

On Saturday they went for a walk, then went home to play with Ava’s toys. They watched beauty and the beast and sang and danced along with the film. 

On Sunday they went to the shops, Jessica sat in the trolley with Ava. It was such a lovely day so they put sun cream on and played outside and had lots of ice cream. 

Thanks for looking after Jessica bear she had a great time!