Billy bear stays with Millie

Billy bear went to stay with Millie and they had a great time! 

Wednesday Billy bear came home with Millie. We had a quick lunch then took the twins to nursery. Billy had a pretend bath while Millie and the twins had bath and Billy slept in Millie’s bed.

Thursday Millie and the twins drew some pictures for Billy bear to keep in his diary and went to the car wash with Grumpy whilst Mummy n Uncle Nathan visited the hospital. After we played together dressing Billy up in dolls clothes, putting him in the toy high chair and feeding him.

Friday Millie,Billy, Maisie,Charlie and mummy had lots of fun at Mini kidz playgroup. We even got a picture with Tegan (the puppet). After we went to Tesco then to the park. 

Saturday was a really special day as Millie performed in two dance shows with Hype Dance for their Annual Show at the Library Theatre. She did fantastic on the big stage Infront of all them people. Mummy was very proud. Before the show we had McDonald’s and We got to meet Claire Bear šŸ» in Claire’s Accessories. In-between the shows we did a bit of shopping and had a Strawberry Milkshake. Then After the Show we met Nanny and Grumpy n they took us home.

On Sunday we went to Chique for a Family Photo shoot. We wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the studio so I didn’t get any pictures of Billy. He gave Millie a big cuddle after because she was tired and hungry after all that posing for the camera. 

Millie has loved having Billy stay and is upset that he’s going. She says he likes going in Cars so she hopes the next child he goes to will take him out in the car lol. 

Thank you for looking after Billy bear, what a busy weekend he had, you are so lucky! 


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