Last day

Today was our last day at nursery for the year, we were sad to say goodbye to some of our children who are moving to other schools and also Miss Hides and Mrs Heath. We spent the day eating lots of party food and dancing, it was great fun! 

All the staff would like to say thank you for your generous gifts and kind words, we will miss you all now you have left nursery! We hope you have a lovely 6 week holiday! 

Party time

As it was our last day with the hot air balloons group we had a party this afternoon, we ate jelly and ice cream, crisps and buns. We also danced to our favourite party songs ‘superman’, ‘the music man’ and did the conga, it was great! We will miss our children who are moving onto F2 and we wish them good luck! 

Seaside Day

On Wednesday it was seaside day for the f1s and they had a fantastic time ! They put on their swim wear and had a great time splashing around in the pools . They played some games and after enjoyed fish fingers , chips and ice cream during seaside snack time . What a lovely day we all had! 

Billy bear stays with Marcus 

Billy bear stayed with Marcus at the weekend and they had a great time! 

Marcus made Billy his own bed out of a trunki suitcase, he made it nice and comfy.

They went to the park and had lots of fun laying on a picnic blanket and drawing. 

Billy went to visit Marcus’s grandad. They had ice cream and chopped up melon. Billy had fun playing with Jack the dog while he was there. 

They watched England play then had a bbq after. 

Thank you for looking after Billy bear, he had a fantastic time! 


This week we have had campin in our role play area. Children have been talking about when they have been camping.