Painting flowers

We have been using the self serve paints to mix colours to paint flowers. We looked very carefully at what colours we needed. We mixed red and white to make pink for the flowers and blue and yellow to make green for the stem and the leaves. 

Darcie’s afternoon

Darcie had to go to hospital yesterday but she had lots of fun before she went and was very brave whilst she had her treatment! 

Poorly Elliot

Unfortunately the dreaded chicken pox has struck nursery and we have lots of poorly children, Elliot has been keeping himself busy whilst off nursery! Looks like fun! 

Whirlow farm

Today we went to Whirlow farm and had a fantastic day, we looked at lots of different farm animals and even got to stroke some, we were very gentle! We then acted out the story ‘Farmer Duck’ taking on the role of the duck and having to do all the work! It was great fun and the weather was lovely, we even got to sit and eat our lunch outside in the garden! The Whirlow staff couldn’t praise the children enough, they were so well behaved and a delight to be with!