Today we released 6 of our butterflies, it was very exciting as we watched them fly off! Miss Houghton has taken the last 2 home as they are still in their Chrysalis, she will look after them until we return after our holidays so the fish and rockets groups can see them being released.

Josh and Anna bear

Anna bear went to stay with Josh at the weekend and they had a great time! 

On Friday they got to play out on the garden with Josh’s friend Vinnie. They had a Chinese for tea. They had a bath and played with all their bath toys. They got ready for bed and watched a dvd in bed. 

On Saturday they went swimming with Josh’s aunty Sabrina. Then went for a picnic and to watch Paw Patrol at the cinema. He had a sleep over at his aunties house. 

On Sunday they went shopping, then to Nannan’s house for dinner. They went to watch Josh’s daddy play ice hockey. 

On Monday they went to Skegness with his Nannan and Grandad. They played on the beach building sand castles and collecting shells. They went in the arcades. They ate a yummy dinner and then had ice cream. 

On Tuesday they went to the opticians and Josh chose some cool glasses. They went out for a meal for tea. 

Thanks for looking after Anna bear, great photos! 

Butterfly House

Today we went to the Butterfly House and had a great time! We had a mini beast workshop and held a stick insect, snail and a hissing cockroach, we were very brave! We saw lots of fantastic animals like otters and meerkats, it was such a lovely day!

Bug hotels

Our task this week in Nursery was to use sustain shared thinking and work together to make a bug hotel in the construction area or using things from the creative workshop. We looked on the internet to find out what materials we needed to use .

Cory and Callum bear

Callum bear went to stay with Cory at the weekend and they had a fab time! 

Callum enjoyed yummy food like sausage sandwiches. He also enjoyed a visit to the circus, Cory told all his friends about it today. They saw clowns doing funny things, people walking on tightropes and doing forward flips, Cory said it was lots of fun! 

Thanks for looking after Callum, he was very lucky to get to visit the circus!