Lily-Rose travelling selfie

Lily-Rose travelled on the bus to Hillsborough to do shopping, well done! 


Our role play area in Nursery for the last 2 weeks has had a camping/ holiday theme. The children have really enjoyed cooking on the bbq and pretending to sleep in the tent .

Oakleys travelling selfie

Oakley went to visit his Nannan at the weekend and she lives far away so they travelled by car. They saw Poppy the dog and met Nannan’s new puppy Teddy. They fed chickens and collected eggs. They saw an aeroplane taking off and had a bbq for tea. On the way there they drove over a bridge and saw lots of boats on the river and drove past a place that sells new tracers and diggers. His Nannan also has a windmill at the bottom of her garden. Looks like lots of fun!