Under the sea

In nursery this week we have had lots of fun playing under the sea. We put on our goggles,snorkels and flippers to swim around. We also dressed up as pirates to look for treasure with our telescopes. It was lots of fun.

Darcie’s holiday

Last week Darcie went on a surprise holiday with her family & Caleb and his family came along too, they had lots of fun meeting the seaside squad, making sandcastles, eating icecream and going swimming, looks like lots of fun! 

Seaside Day

In Nursery today, we have been celebrating the end of term with our big finish. We sang some seaside songs and the older children performed a Summer Holiday dance for our grown ups. Afterwards we went outside in the paddling pools and finished by having fish and fingers,ice cream and candy floss.


This week have had a beach set up in our sand area. Children have enjoyed playing in the sand and making sand Castles.


Well what can I say about your wonderful children! They have given us a delightful day at the seaside today, they behaved impeccably and we got compliments from so many members of the public including a former teacher who said they were wonderful! They had a great time eating their chip shop dinner, playing on the sand, having a donkey ride and eating an ice cream. It was lovely to watch their little faces having lots of fun! It is truly a pleasure to take your children out on visits.