Chester’s home learning

Chester’s favourite bedtime book is 10 little superheroes and he loves dressing up as his favourite character from the book! Fab photos, well done! 

Charlie and Maisie’s home learning

Maisie loves reading the tangle fairy with her big sister because the fairy is called miss Millie and Maisie always has tangles in her hair so we change the name from Jaya to Maisie. Charlie likes reading postman bear and lifting the flaps to see who’s behind the doors. 

They both like dressing up as 101 Dalmatians, especially because mummy has a dog called patch who’s black and white. Charlie enjoys running round and barking like a dog and Maisie likes to be cruela so she can boss him about 😂.But Maisie favourite is dressing up as Rapunzel because of her long golden hair. 

New term

This week in Nursery we have welcomed some of our new 3 year olds . They have been very busy trying out all our exciting activities and have settled in really well . Our older children have been good role models.