A Spooky Week

This week in Nursery, we have had some spooky activities. We had to use tweezers to pick things out of the green slime, potion bottles in the water tray, a spooky den with spooky stories to read , Halloween costumes and cauldrons in our role play area and ghostly grey, glittery play dough . On the writing table, we had to write potion recipes and on the investigation table, we had a pumpkin.

Nursery big finish

Today we did our big finish for the end of our topic ‘Once upon a Time’. We dressed in fairytale, superhero or spooky outfits, danced to spooky music, ate spooky snack and performed some songs and a dance to our grown ups, we were very professional and performed amazingly! We made our teachers very proud!

Lily-Rose selfie home learning

Lily-Rose & Mum reading Cinderella together. Lily’s favourite princess is belle she loves dressing up, here she is in her belle dress with sunglasses and her microphone 😂 and Lily reading her Peppa pig book in bed to mum. Well done Lily-Rose! 

Sundown visit

We have had a fantastic time at Sundown today! We went on some fun rides like the Rocky Mountain train and the tractor ride. We saw all the fairytale characters houses like the 3 bears and we enjoyed shouting out all the phrases we have learnt in nursery like “little pig, little pig, let me in” and “fee fi fo fun”. We were so well behaved and our teachers were so proud of us!

Elijah’s selfie home learning 

Elijah loves reading, we read a book every night before bed and tonight he chose “the hungry caterpillar” we read it together and he reads out the parts he remembers. For dressing up he chose to be superman because he says he’s big& strong and can fly! Fab photos, well done Elijah!