Mixing powder paint

This week in nursery we have been making different colours using powder paint and water, we told an adult what colour we made and how we made it. Look how busy we were making colours and painting with them!

Chester and Jessica bear

Jessica bear went to stay with Chester at the weekend and they had lots of fun together! 

On Friday Chester was very happy to take Jessica bear home, they had a cuddle and watched the Lorax. 

On Saturday Chester took Jessica bear to diddikicks and introduced her to coach Jamie and coach Jade. He showed Jessica all his football skills and scored some goals. In the afternoon they went to McDonlds with Auntie Nicole and Uncle Alex and to Medieval Mayhem. It was great fun going down the big slide.

On Sunday Chester brought Jessica down for a cuddle with Rory. They went out for breakfast with mummy. Later they went for a sleepover at Nanny and Grandads house. Chester enjoyed showing Jessica all his toys, especially his safari animals. 

On Monday it was raining but Chester and Jessica had fun splashing in puddles. In the afternoon they went food shopping and Jessica enjoyed riding in the trolley with Chester and Rory. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday Jessica and Chester went to his childminders. They did lots of playing with Chesters friends, watched a film and ate popcorn. 

Fantastic photos, looks like you had a brilliant time together! 

Reon writing

At first Reon was finding it difficult to write his name but he has kept practising and can form recognisable letters from his name, just goes to show what you can achieve if you keep trying, well done Reon I am really proud of you! 

Ivy and Callum bear

Callum bear went to stay with Ivy at the weekend and they had so much fun! 

Callum had a great sleep Friday night and then to his amazement on Saturday he got to go and watch Frozen 2 at the cinema! They had popcorn, magic stars and a fruit shoot. The film was fantastic, Olaf was my favourite, he is so funny! They got to travel home on the tram, though it was very bumpy because of the rain. Before they knew it it was time for bed and Ivy’s daddy read ‘A squash and a squeeze’. 

On Sunday they helped to tidy up, ate toast and jam and watched Topsy and Tim. They went to Tesco to pick up some things for a roast dinner. Ivy carried Callum in the basket, they were so well behaved that they got to buy some Freddos for after dinner. They helped mummy make the dinner and then enjoyed eating it. 

Thanks for looking after Callum bear, he had a great time! 

Similarities and differences

This week in Nursery, we started our learning with a story about a pink penguin! It was called ” What’s a penguin to think when he wakes up Pink ! ”

We had the mirror box out so that we could look at our friends and talk about how we look different and what features we have that are similar.

Louie and Callum bear

Callum bear went to stay at Louie’s house at the weekend and they had a fantastic time.

Callum bear went to two party’s over the weekend one being Louie’s aunty Chantelle’s and the other being his friend paddy’s. Callum had a fab weekend and had lots of cuddles with me. He even slept in my bed. He helped me eat my breakfast and tried to pinch my fruit. Callum came to my Nanan’s with me and we had a bath with lots and lots of bubbles. 

Thanks for looking after Callum, it looks like he had a fantastic time! 

Oscar and Jessica bear

Jessica bear went to stay with Oscar at the weekend and they had a great time! 

On Friday me & Jessica Bear had a sleepover at my Nannan’s house. We had lots of fun building a fort with my Uncles Harrison and Harvey, eating McDonald’s and watching my favourite tv show, Teen Titans. 

On Saturday we played find the number or letter game with my magnets & Jessica bear even helped me spell my name! We had a duvet day with lots of snacks and at bedtime we cuddled up and watched one of my favourite movies, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

On Sunday we went to town to the Christmas light switch on. We played in a fun house and Jessica bear was brave and came down the big slide with me! We went on lots of rides together, saw some old emergency vehicles, went on the Christmas train and saw Woody, Jesse, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Paddington Bear and an Elf!!

On Monday we went on an adventure to Manchester. We went to Legoland Discovery Centre, we had our photo taken with my favourite Ninjago characters & buzz light year! Jessica bear came on some rides with me and on one we saved the Princess from the naughty lego characters! We also went to Sea Life and saw lots of different fish. Our favourite were the jelly fish. Then we went for tea in the Trafford Centre and saw Santa and his reindeers! 

On Tuesday me and Jessica Bear sat down and I drew some pictures and did some writing about what we had done together. And we played spider man and iron man with my cousin Leo. We had lots of fun! 

Thank you so much for looking after Jessica, it looks like she had lots of fun times with you! 

Billy and Anna bear stay with Charlie and Maisie

Billy and Anna bear went to stay with Charlie and Maisie at the weekend and they had a great time! 

On Wednesday they showed them round the house, played with their toys and drew pictures. They had tuna pasta bake for tea. Maisie found Anna some pyjamas and they brushed their teeth and snuggled in bed. 

On Thursday mummy found a cardboard box for them to play with, they had lots of fun pretending it was an aeroplane. At night they played with some special paints in the bath. 

On Friday they had porridge for breakfast like Goldilocks and the Three bears. Then they made some spotty buns because it was children in need. Charlie and Maisie chose stories about beads for mummy to read. Charlie chose Postman bear and Maisie chose We’re going on a bear hunt. 

On Saturday mummy, Maisie and Millie had a duvet day with Anna bear as Millie and Maisie were poorly. Daddy and Charlie took Billy on a bus to Hillsborough. They had a ride in the trolley round B and M and did some shopping. Then went to Nanny and Grandads house and played with their dog Bobby. 

On Sunday Maisie felt better so they went for a walk to Tesco. Charlie and Maisie helped put the shopping on the till. On the walk home they had a competition to see who could find the biggest leaf, Maisie won! After tea they had donuts dipped in melted chocolate. They had a bath, got ready for bed and then mummy painted their nails before going to bed. 

Thank you so much for looking after Anna and Billy bear, it looks like you all had a fab time together!