Fun in the sun 

We have been making the most of this lovely sunny weather by doing P.E. outside using the parachute.


Ted’s travelling selfies

Ted went to the fair this weekend, here are his travelling selfies, well done! 


Wednesday we went to Cleethorpes and we had a fantastic time! When we got there we sat and ate our chip shop dinner in the park. After that we went to the beach and had lots of fun digging, collecting shells and having donkey rides. Before we left we had an ice cream. We were so well behaved, lots of people stopped to say how fantastic we were behaving and the lady with the donkeys said we were the best school! Our grown ups were very proud of us, we were absolute stars! 

Billy bear stays with Leo

Billy bear went to stay with Leo at the weekend and they had a great time! 

Friday they went to the park with friends, had tea and went on a bike ride. 

Saturday they went shopping and had another bike ride. 

Sunday they went in Leo’s daddy’s car to the swimming pool. Billy didn’t like swimming but maybe he will when he’s bigger. They went home and had dinner then went out on their bikes again, Billy told them he wants a bike! 

Thank you for looking after Billy, he had a fab time!