Lydia and Jessica bear

Jessica bear went to stay with Lydia at the weekend and they had a great time! 

On Friday they went to Grandads house to play and have tea. They drew a picture of a penguin and had fish cakes for tea. They went home and got in their pyjamas and read a bedtime story about bears. 

On Saturday they went to McDonalds for dinner, then they went to watch the football. They had to get wrapped up as it was very cold. After the match they walked home, got cosy and had tuna pasta bake. 

On Sunday they went to watch Lydia’s big sister at her swimming lesson. They went to asda food shopping and enjoyed brunch in the cafe first. Then went to Wentworth garden centre where they looked at the animals, went on the carousel, bought Christmas decorations and went ice skating. They then went home and had a chicken dinner. 

Thanks for looking after Jessica, she had a brilliant time! 


Callum bear and Jakob 

Callum bear went to stay with Jakob at the weekend and they had a great time! 

Callum met the family on Friday. They enjoyed cuddles on the sofa and watched Ben and Holly. 

They had a teddy bears picnic with Jakob’s friend Lacey, they made pretend snacks and ice cream. 

On Saturday they went to Nannies and had breakfast and met Nannies dog Tia who liked Callum bear and tried to eat him! They went shopping in the afternoon.

On Sunday they watched Jakob’s brother Harry play football. While they were there they found a stone for ‘rock sheffield’.  

They played with Jakob’s toys, enjoyed stories, brushed their teeth and enjoyed helping mummy with the washing. 

Thanks for looking after Callum bear, he had a fab time! 

Ronnie and Billy bear

Billy bear went to stay with Ronnie at the weekend and they had a fab time! 

They played with Ronnie’s toys and watched paw patrol on tv. 

They went to Nanny Sarah’s and visited Ronnie’s great nanny and they helped to sweep all the leaves up out of her garden. 

They took Ronnie’s dog Arnie for a walk, jumped in muddy puddles and threw sticks. 

They went shopping. Went round the woods on the scooter and took Arnie for another walk. 

Ronnie had a hair cut, then he had a bubble bath with Billy bear. They brushed their teeth and snuggled down with a blanket before a story ready for Billy to go back to nursery. 

What a great time, thanks for looking after Billy! 

Lottie at UK Lapland 

Lotti and her sister Dolly went to the UK Lapland this weekend. They helped in the toy factory, helped Mother Christmas with the gingerbread, met some husky dogs, saw some reindeers and talked to lots of elves. The day finished with a visit to Father Christmas. It was a magical day! 

Evie-Rae and Anna bear

I have had a lovely weekend with Evie-Rae I watched her at her swimming lesson, we brushed teeth together. We made pancakes on Saturday and played with all her toys. Sunday we went to see the Coca-Cola truck. Then we also went to see the Sheffield Christmas light switch on. We went on a fire engine ride. We even got to see father Christmas and his elf… We got to stand right at the front of the stage, we had a selfie with Molly Scott from Xfactor. Then we had a sleep over at Evie-Rae’s grandma’s house. Monday we watched lots of films and had a cosy day but went to the park later. Tuesday was my last day, I got to see Evie-Rae at her ballet and tap class she was amazing at dancing! Then we went to Meadowhall and had McDonald’s as a treat for been so good, we even went into the Disney shop Evie-Rae’s favourite place she loves Disney. I have had a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to tell everyone back at nursery what I have been up to! 

Thanks for looking after Anna bear, it looks like she had a great time! 

Callum bear and Oakley

Callum bear went to stay with Oakley at the weekend and they had a great time. 

They shared tea together, watched PJ masks, paw patrol and Scooby Doo on Friday. 

On Saturday they watched coco the film and played with his oys and cars. 

On Sunday they helped Daddy do some DIY and made Callum bear a helmet for when he goes out on the quad with Oakley. 

On Monday they went to Nannans house for tea and had spaghetti and meatballs. They listened to Burglar Bill for their bedtime story.

Thanks for looking after Callum, he had a fab time! 

Billy bear stays with Alexia

Billy bear went to stay with Alexia at the weekend and had a great time! 

They had tea together, played with her toys and watched Free Willy.

They went to Wentworth to visit the animals, they had a tractor ride and played in the park. 

They went to Medieval Mayhem, they went on big fast slides together and in the ball pool. 

They went to watch the Christmas lights get turned on, went to see Father Christmas and went on a huge slide. They went on the Olaf waltzer, it was so much fun! 

Thank you for looking after Billy bear it looks like he really enjoyed himself! 

Antarctic and penguins

In F1 this week we have been continuing our learning about Penguins. We had a letter from Pip the Penguin , he set us the task of making a house for him in the construction area. We have also been painting snowy pictures and using pipettes to paint icicle pictures. We had to squeeze the ends gently to make the paint come out. It was quite tricky !