Mason goes to Wembley

Mason sent us some lovely photos with his family at Wembley this weekend watching Sheffield Wednesday play. It was a shame about the result but they had a lovely day anyway. 


Happy Brayden

Braydon was really happy to receive a postcard about his counting skills. Well done Brayden, what a superstar! 


Jack finds a minibeast 

Wow Jack you must have known I was going to set some homelearning about minibeasts because you already have sent me a photo of you with a minibeast you found at Weston Park Museum when you weren’t at nursery on Friday. Well done! 


Billy bear visits Levi

This weekend Billy bear went to visit Levi and they went for a meal at Meadow Farm. They had a great time playing on the indoor slide with Levi’s sister Sofia. Billy bear made some new friends called Holly and Pinky, they were toys Levi won from the grabber machine. 

What a lovely time you had guys! Thanks for looking after Billy bear! 

Butterfly House visit

As part of our learning on mini beasts we visited the butterfly house this week to get up close and personal with the animals we have been learning about. We loved finding out lots of information about the animals and seeing them in person. 

The children were so fantastic and the staff were very proud when a member of the butterfly house team came to find Miss Houghton to tell her that she thought our children are amazing, that they listen well and are very well behaved! What little super stars we have in nursery. 




Jessica bear adventures

Over the last two weekends Jessica bear has visited Daniel and Taylor’s houses. 

On Friday Daniel took Jessica bear to the meet Nannan and then they went to the park. They had a sleepover with Aunty Kim. 

Saturday they went to their friend SamBoo’s house and they played football. Later they put on their party clothes and went to Grandads housewarming party. They had chicken dippers and chips for tea. 

On Sunday they had dinner at Nannans. Then they went to play at the park. 

Jessica bear had lots of fun at Daniels house! 

At Taylor’s Jessica bear also enjoyed a visit to the park with Taylor and her friend Grace. Jessica loved the swings and slide. 

Saturday they all went to the Winter Gardens to an arts and craft fair. They made Spanish fans! They went to the park again, had their faces painted and played on the bouncy castle. 

Sunday they went to the park, than after had a takeaway treat and a movie night. 

On Monday after nursery they went into town and had McDonalds. Jessica bear loved cheeseburger. Then they went to the water fountains and had an ice cream in the sun. Then they saw a fire engine and the firefighter let Taylor and Jessica bear sit in the fire engine! 

Tuesday there was no nursery so they decided to go to Bakewell. They got on the bus with their map. When they got there they fed the ducks some special bird feed. 

Then they enjoyed fish and chips. After lunch they went to the park. 

On the way home they fell asleep on the bus. 

What a fantastic time Jessica bear has been having. Thank you for taking such good care of her!