Spring walk

This week we went on a spring walk around nursery grounds. We looked for signs of Spring and saw flowers, buds and looked at the trees and talked about leafs changing colour. We also heard some birds in the birds nest.


Farm visit

We had a very fab but wet day at Whirlow today. We enjoyed looking round the farm at all the animals. We found out what they ate, what the baby animals are called and where they live. We even got to stroke some of the animals but we had to be very gentle! We were so well behaved, our teachers think we are super stars!! 

Billy bear stays with Scarlett 

At the weekend Billy went to stay with Scarlett and they had a great time. 

He went to her Grandads and helped to chop celery up for a sale and take the washing out of the dryer. He then a had a nap with her Grandads dog Coco. 

They went shopping and played with her cousin Ava in the garden in the sunshine. 

Scarlett’s friends Max and Ava came to play with her too. 

They also went to Parkwood Springs and Billy played on Scarlett’s bike with her. 

Thank you for looking after Billy and for sending your lovely photos! 

Phonics Workshops

On Wednesday we invited our parents/ carers to a phonics workshop. First they watched the children play an I-spy game , where they had to listen carefully for the initial sounds of different objects then we moved on to a blending and segmenting activity.The children were amazing and the parents were very impressed. We gave everyone a pack of ideas and games to take home. 

A big thank you to all who came to support their children in this really important area of learning.


Callum bear stays with Riley

At the weekend Riley looked after Callum bear and they had a fab time. 

They played on the computer. 

They went to McDonalds for dinner and did food shopping. 

They went to watch Riley’s brother Brandon play football, then to see his Nannan.

They also went to the pub for a meal for his sister Zoe’s birthday. 

Thank you for looking after Callum he had a great time! 

Anna bear stays with Sofia

Last weekend Anna stayed with Sofia and they had a fab time! 

Sofia got a new bike and Anna enjoyed riding it. 

They had a special birthday dinner for family who didn’t see her on her birthday. They had cake and buns and she got lots of presents. 

She went to see lots of people from her family including her Aunty and uncle and daddy. 

They went to mini- movez, they go every Monday morning. They do singing, moving to music and chill out time. Then get biscuits and stickers. 

They went to the playground and went on the slides, swings and roundabout. Anna enjoyed going fast on the roundabout. 

They went to Cannon Hall Farm and saw a sheep race, pigs, goats, rabbits and a cow being milked. 

Thanks for the photos, it looks like you have had a lovely time! 

Jessica bears stay with Safia

At the weekend Jessica bear went to stay with Safia. They had a ride in her mums new car. They bought some new front wheels and went shopping to Tesco. 

They had a lovely film weekend as Safia’s mummy was poorly.

Thanks for looking after Jessica bear she had a fab time! 

Role play 

In nursery we’ve been dressing up as firemen and policemen engaging in imaginative play. The f1s made prop walkie talkies on the creative table and went around nursery looking for fire signs and putting out ‘fires’ with a hose. 

Billy bear stays with Isha

Billy had a busy week at Isha’s house getting ready for her party. 

On Thursday they played with play doh and named shapes and colours. 

On Friday they went to playgroup with her Aunty and cousin. They went shopping to buy party food and decorations for her party.

On Saturday Isha had a bouncy castle and her friends came round to celebrate her birthday. They played pass the parcel and had lots of fun! 

They had a nice relaxing day Sunday and cooked some food. 

It looks like you had lots of fun together, thanks for looking after Billy!