Nursery Christmas party

Yesterday we had our big finish and our nursery Christmas party. We performed our penguin dance that we have been learning for our grown ups and we were super, thank you to all the people who came to watch.

After that we enjoyed our Christmas party. We played games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical bumps. We ate party food and discovered that Santa had been and left us all a present!

We had a fantastic day!

Thank you for all your support this year and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break!

The Mischievous Gnome

Last week we had a vey cheeky visitor in Nursery, it was a gnome who proved to be VERY mischievous during the week . He set tasks for us to do e.g. making a house for him but he got up to all sorts of mischief during the night when we weren’t at school!!

Esmae at Rainbows

Esmae is feeling super proud in her Rainbows Uniform. This week she earned her 2 first badges. The story teller badge & her Stage 1 Innovate badge. She’s having a fantastic time at Rainbows. Well done Esmae, sounds like fun!

Fun in the Arctic

This week in nursery we have been visiting the north and south poles in our Arctic area. We had to put on our scarves,woolly coats and hats to keep warm. We used our binoculars to see if we could spot the Arctic animals. We sat in our igloo and used our torches to help us see better,it was lots of fun!

Levia and Jessica bear

Jessica bear went to stay with Levia over the weekend and they had a great time! 

Levia introduced Jessica to her friends Peppa, Ben and Holly. 

They had an early start Saturday and took Levia’s big brother to SUFC academy for football. They then went on an adventure taking mummy’s car to the garage to be fixed. 

On Sunday they put the Christmas decorations up. 

They enjoyed playing with Levia’s toys like her walking and pull along dogs. They did colouring together. Jessica loved sleeping in Levia’s bed. 

Thank you for looking after Jessica bear, it looks like she had a fantastic time! 

Christmas workshop

Tuesday morning and this afternoon we had our Christmas workshop for parents. We made decorations including baubles, Christmas trees, stockings, paper chains and wrapping paper, we had lots of fun!

Time for bed

Yesterday was our time for bed workshop. Parents discussed any issues they were having around bedtime and offered suggestions to help. The children then came through and read stories with their parents while drinking hot chocolate and eating biscuits, it was so lovely to see the children snuggled up to their grown ups enjoying a story! Thank you for coming. Next week is our last workshop, it is called ‘We are family’ and is all about behaviour, please join us!