Charlie and Maisie’s selfies

Here are Charlie and Maisie’s animal and writing selfies and some added extra dinosaur selfies as that is our topic at the moment, well done you two! 

Oscar’s selfies

Some lovely animals there Oscar and very impressive name writing, well done! 

Billy bear and Lily-Rose

Billy bear went to stay with Lily-Rose at the weekend and they had a great time! 

They travelled home on the bus, ate chicken nuggets and chips for tea, had a bath and played with Lily-Rose’s toys, they got water every where! They listened to stories at bedtime. 

They played lots of games, Lily-Rose dressed Billy as Elsa from Frozen and they sang and danced, Lily-Rose loves Frozen! 

They went to Asda food shopping to buy tea. And Billy bear got in the cupboard with the beans when they put all the shopping away! 

Lily-Rose taught Billy lots of songs and new dance moves, he could probably do Wayercliffe’s got talent now! 

Sounds like you had a great time together, thanks for looking after Billy! 


We have moved on to the topic of dinosaurs for the next few weeks- 

We will be using these topic words-

* fossil

* scales

* hunt

* stomp

* dangerous

* sharp

* enormous

* fierce

If you have any dinosaur books at home that you want to send in for us to read then please do.