Shiloh and Anna bear

Anna bear went to stay with Shiloh and they had a great time! 

They had a picture by the Christmas tree and and then had chicken, stuffing and veg for tea. 

On Saturday they went to Shiloh’s nannans, Anna bear met Harley and Benji the dogs and had a picnic. They went o Sheffield town to the Christmas markets. They got to sit in Santa’s sleigh and rode on different rides. They went to the butterfly exhibit at the botanical gardens. 

Shiloh took Anna bear to meet lots of family members including her great grandad, Auntie Michaela and Auntie Dom who’s birthday it was so Shiloh and Anna made her a home made card. 

They had a cosy pj day watching cartoons. They did lots of dancing to Christmas music. 

Thank you for looking after Anna she had a great time! 

Jessica bear and James

Jessica bear went to stay with James at the weekend and they had a great time!

On Friday they went home in the car and had a hot drink when they got in as it was so cold outside. After tea they watched fireman Sam and waited for daddy to come home. At bedtime James needed medicine for his cough, Jessica bear had some medicine too to make sure she didn’t get a cough. James made her a bed and covered her up.

On Saturday they went to town to Santa’s post office to send their letter to him. They had a snack at a cafe and Jessica drank James’s milk. They went on an aeroplane and train ride. Jessica got a bit cold so James’s daddy carried her in his coat.

They went for a haircut and then went for a sleepover at Nanny and Grandads.

On Sunday James’s aunty and uncle came to visit from out of Sheffield. They went to the pub for Sunday lunch. 

On Monday Jessica bear went to work with mummy while James went to school. Jessica answered the phone and sent some emails. After school they had a bun from greggs, had tea and settled down for the evening after a busy weekend. 

Thanks for looking after Jessica she had a fab time! 

Blake and Callum bear

Callum bear went to stay at Blake’s house this weekend and they had a great time! 

On Saturday they went to Blake’s Gan Gan andNani’s house for lunch, Callum bear enjoyed cheese and crisps. 

They went to see a pantomime called Aladdin, they shared an ice cream and had a photo taken with the fairy godmother. They loved the pantomime especially when the bad guy was fighting Aladdin and Wishy Washy hit the bad guy on the head with the frying pan! 

At bedtime Blake read Dear Zoo to Callum then went to bed at Nani’s house.

On Sunday they went to see Santa. Blake told him he wanted paw patrol sea patrol and Callum told him he wanted a cuddle. They went to McDonalds for chicken nuggets and chips. 

They made chocolate chip cookies and ate them for tea. 

They also made a Christmas card for Miss Houghton (which she loves!) 

Thank you for looking after Callum bear he had a fab time! 

The Mischievous Gnome

Last week in F1 we had a rather naughty visitor ! It was a mischievous gnome. He got up to all sorts of shenanigans including eating all the teachers’ chocolates , hanging pants all over and wrapping the Xmas tree in toilet roll !

Anna bear and Lily-Rose

Anna bear went to stay with Lily-Rose and they had a lovely time. 

They went on a shopping trip. 

Had cuddles

Got ready for bed after brushing their teeth. 

Snuggled up with Lily- Rose and her sister Ava.

Thank you for looking after Anna bear she had a great time! 

Building A Rocket

Some of the f1s have been working alongside Jodie designing and building a rocket. The children have enjoyed going to the moon and back . They all like to say THANK YOU JODIE !!!šŸ˜ƒ

Jax and Anna bear

Anna bear went to stay with Jax at the weekend and they had a great time! 

On Saturday they went to Leeds Christmas shopping with Jax’s mum and dad. Jax wanted a car for Christmas and Anna bear enjoyed trying out all the toy ride ons. Anna bear liked the pink jeep. Jaxton chose a black car to send to Father Christmas. Anna and Jax enjoyed a costa drive through at the services. 

Anna bea and Jax went to Monkey Bizness Sunday with Jaxtons aunts Ashleigh and daddy. They had fun on the slides.

On Monday Anna bear hung her stocking on the fireplace next to Jaxtons. They watched the Christmas advent calendar burn down to number 12.

Jaxton got Anna bear ready to go back to nursery with him for the afternoon. He brushed her teeth and got her changed. 

Thank you for looking after Anna bear, she had a great time! 

Callum bear stays with Alfie

Callum bear went to stay with Alfie at the weekend and they had lots of fun! 

Callum helped Alfie, his mummy and daddy put the Christmas tree up.

Callum bear went to Meadowhall in the car with Alfie and his favourite bear Clar the polar bear. 

They had a look around the Disney shop.

Stopped off at the Lego shop and played with the Lego.

They stopped off for lunch and had a cheese sandwich and a Percy pig drink. 

Alfie and Callum got comfy and listened to the three little pigs story with daddy at bedtime. 

Thank you for looking after Callum, he had a great time!