The Mischievous Gnome

We had a very cheeky visitor this week in Nursery ! It was a mischievous gnome. He set us some tasks like building a house for him but got up to all sorts of mischief at night when Nursery was closed . 


Anna bear and Lucy

Anna bear went to stay with Lucy at the weekend and they had a great time! 

Anna helped get the house ready for Christmas and made everything sparkly and shiny. 

She was good and remembered to brush her teeth every night and morning after she had shared Lucy’s cup of tea.

But Anna has been very cheeky getting up with Snowflake and Chippy their elves in the night and eating all of mummy’s yoghurts and biscuits but she did bring Lucy and her sister Ella some candy canes to put on the tree. 

Billy bear and Kadie

Billy bear went to stay with Kadie at the weekend and they had a great time! 

Billy bear helped to get the Christmas tree out of the loft and helped to decorate it with a bauble with a picture of Kadie as a baby. They got in their PJ’s and watched duck duck goose in bed. 

Kadie’s friends came to play and they all played nicely with her toys. Billy helped feed Kadie’s baby sister. 

Billy helped to put new flooring down in the kitchen. They went to McDonalds then went home and watched the grinch. 

What a fab time Billy had! And it looks like he was very helpful! 

Callum bear and Zayn

Callum bear went to stay with Zayn at the weekend and they had a great time! 

They played with Zayn’s toys, went to Asda and had a ride in the trolley, went to the park and fed the ducks, watched Christmas movies and Callum helped to decorate the Christmas tree and write Christmas cards for Zayn’s nursery friends.

Sounds like lots of fun, Callum had a fab time! 

Annabelle and Anna bear

Anna bear went to stay at Annabelle’s house and they had a great time! 

Anna met Annabelle’s sister Eleanor who she remembered as she visited her in the Summer! 

They enjoyed watching films, making a fort, playing games and decorating the Christmas tree. 

They went shopping to Morrisons and bought strawberries. They went to the Christmas market in the city centre, they went on lots of rides including the big wheel. They went to see Father Christmas too! They ate pizza and hot dogs and had lots of fun! 

They took Eleanor for her swimming lesson and had a sleepover at Nannans house. 

Anna also watched Annabelle have her swimming lesson, she was really good! Anna met Annabelle’s cousins and had a good time playing with them. 

What a fantastic time, thanks for looking after Anna! 

Christmas workshop

Today we had our christmas workshop. We decorated Christmas trees, wrote Christmas lists, made Christmas crackers, printed Christmas shapes onto paper to make wrapping paper, made paper chains, decorated baubles and cut toys out of magazines to stick onto stockings. We had lots of fun.

Callum bear and Vinnie

Callum bear went to stay with Vinnie at the weekend and they had a fab time! 

Callum met Vinnies cats and went to Vinnies Nannans house for a sleepover where they enjoyed listening to a story. 

They went to Vinnies friend Levi’s birthday party. They went on a pirate ship and a big slide! They had food and sang happy birthday to Levi and got a party bag. 

Callum and Vinnie enjoyed a yummy Sunday dinner and even got to help cut the vegetables! 

He met Vinnies sister and they enjoyed playing with Vinnies toys. 

Thanks for looking after Callum bear, what fun he had! 

The Arctic

This week in Nursery we have been learning about the Arctic. We had a story about all the animals who live there called ” Say Hello to the Snowy Animals “. We made polar bear faces using resources from our creative workshop and had an Arctic small world scene. On the painting table we mixed shaving foam with white paint to create puffy paint !!

Anna bear and Isabelle and Oliver

Anna bear went to stay with Isabelle and Oliver and had a great time! 

They enjoyed watching cartoons, playing games on their tablets, doing colouring, had chocolate, they video called the family to show them Anna bear, enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Grandad, went to Asda shopping and had breakfast while they were there. They made shimmer and shine buns, which were really yummy! They also had a tea party as there was no nursery on Wednesday! 

Thanks for looking after Anna bear, she had a fantastic time!