Lily on holiday

Lily had a fab time in Spain on holiday, wish I was there it looks lovely and warm!


Jax’s travelling selfie

Here is Jax travelling in one of his daddy’s work wagons and a picture of Jax body boarding at Sutton on Sea last year, well done! 


This last 2 week we have had a dentist role play area out in nursery. Children have been talking about how to keep healthy and healthy eating and about how you need to clean your teeth. 

Stories For Talking

Over the next two weeks we are doing ‘Stories For Talking’ and reading the story ‘We All Go Travelling By’ We will be joining in with the repeated phrases and key words.On the creative table some of the f1s will be building their own transport with cardboard or painting pictures of them . On the black tray we also have the ‘Small World Village & Aeroplane ‘ set up for the f1s to play with and create their own travelling stories.