Tripod grip practise

This week we have been practising our tripod grip. We have been writing thank you letters to Sams Safari for bringing in the animals to show us.We used our phonics to work out the initial sound in words,like s for snake..We also drew pictures of the animals we saw and talked about why we liked them and which ones were our favourite.

Grace and Jessica bear

I had so much fun with Jessica over the weekend.When we got home from school on Friday we got ready and went to my Auntie Rachel’s house to see my baby cousin Leo. We had so much fun playing with the babies and we had a picnic that mummy packed up for us. When we got home I introduced Jessica to all of my toys and we had a tea party, then played in my room until it was time for bed. We got into our pyjamas and brushed our teeth then read spot the dog together. We had lots of cuddles and fell asleep. 

Saturday, we went shopping with Daddy. Jessica loved riding in the trolley with me and I showed her all my favourite food. Then we went to nannan and grandads and did some drawing. When we walked home we saw a cat, some trees and and aeroplane. When we got home we made some wobbly jelly!

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling very well so mummy took us to the hospital. We did a lovely picture while we were there. When we got home we had a special chippy tea and lots of jelly that we had made the night before! We had an early night with lots of cuddles.

On Monday morning I got up super early to make Jessica some breakfast in my kitchen, we got ready for school and said goodbye to all of Jessica’s toy friends. I will miss Jessica bear we had so much fun together!

Thanks for looking after Jessica, what a great time she had! 

Billy bear stays at Archie’s 

Billy bear went to stay at Archie’s at the weekend and they had a great time together! 

On Friday night they went to watch Archie’s brother play football at Sheffield United academy. 

On Saturday Archie, Billy and mum went to McDonalds for dinner, then at teatime they went on Archie’s quad bike, it was lots of fun! 

On Sunday they went for lunch with Nannan and Grandad at Manor Barn, they had Sunday lunch followed by chocolate cake and ice cream, it was yummy! They enjoyed colouring pictures at the restaurant. 

At bedtime Archie’s mum read them ‘The wheels on the bus’ story and sang some songs before they went to sleep.

Thanks for looking after Billy, it looks like he had a wonderful time! 

A visit by Sams Safari.

This week in nursery we had some very special visitors.Sams Safari came to see us and brought lots of different animals with them for us to look at.They told us all about them,what they were called and what they ate.Then we had to sit in our circle really quietly so we didn’t scare them,they brought them around and we could stroke them really carefully.We were all very brave!It was really exciting.


Nursery Christmas party

Yesterday we had our big finish and our nursery Christmas party. We performed our penguin dance that we have been learning for our grown ups and we were super, thank you to all the people who came to watch.

After that we enjoyed our Christmas party. We played games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical bumps. We ate party food and discovered that Santa had been and left us all a present!

We had a fantastic day!

Thank you for all your support this year and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break!

The Mischievous Gnome

Last week we had a vey cheeky visitor in Nursery, it was a gnome who proved to be VERY mischievous during the week . He set tasks for us to do e.g. making a house for him but he got up to all sorts of mischief during the night when we weren’t at school!!

Esmae at Rainbows

Esmae is feeling super proud in her Rainbows Uniform. This week she earned her 2 first badges. The story teller badge & her Stage 1 Innovate badge. She’s having a fantastic time at Rainbows. Well done Esmae, sounds like fun!