Ruby is famous 

Over the weekend Ruby’s mum was contacted by asda who wanted to use Ruby’s photos in heir promotions for world book day on their Facebook page. Ruby can’t wait to wear her costume to nursery this week! 

Time for bed workshop

This week was our last workshop and it was all about bedtime routines. We discussed ways to get our children into bed and to sleep without having to stay in the room with them. We discussed having a supper, bath, bedtime story and no screen time for an hour before bed. We gave out a visual timetable to help with the bedtime routine and also set the challenge of completing 10 storybook reads. The children came through and read bedtime stories with their grown ups. Thank you so much to everyone who has attended the workshops, it has been lovely getting to know you all better and seeing you sharing lovely moments with your children! 

Blake makes pancakes

Blake’s mum and Nani had a fantastic tea made by Blake tonight. First Blake made pancakes to have with stew. Then he made more pancakes to have with chocolate spread and strawberries, they were delicious! Well done Blake, I wish I had come round for tea!