Thomas finds minibeasts

Thomas has spent the weekend camping at Scarborough and today has done a garden scavenger hunt at Brodsworth Hall. He has seen lots of mini beasts and enjoyed being outdoors. Thanks for the photos.


Callum bear in London 

Callum bear went to London with miss Houghton and had a great time. 

They saw the sights of London.

Went to the Tower of London.

They walked over the top of tower bridge. Callum bear was very brave and laid on the glass.

They saw some dinosaurs at the Natural History museum. 

The life cycle of a butterfly

Over the past few weeks the f1s have been observing and discussing the life cycle of butterflies. They began by watching caterpillars wriggle in their pots then hang upside down and turn into a chrysalis (cocoon) . We then carefully transferred them from the pots and into a large butterfly net along with pieces of apple for food.The f1s watched the cocoons start to split and open to reveal beautiful butterflies. We all went outside and watched them as they were released and they flew up into the trees.

Jessica bear stays with Lshane

Jessica bear went to stay with Lshane and they had a fab time! They had lots of fun drawing pictures and Lshane’s little sister Shayla also loves Jessica bear just like Lshane. They ate fruit, danced around to music and watched cartoons on TV. Thanks for looking after Jessica bear and for the photos. 

The Ugly Bug Ball

For our fantastic finish this term, we have been very busy learning a dance. Our grown ups came to a workshop a few weeks ago to help us to make minibeast wings and headdresses to wear . On Wednesday they were invited in to watch our Ugly Bug Ball Dance in the Hall.The children were absolutely amazing ! We were very proud of how quickly they picked up the moves and coped with the amount of parents and grandparents who came to watch! As always thank you for your support!